Established in 1998 under the direction of our Headmaster, Thomas Hoffrage, a nationally recognized expert in children’s education, Veritas has a history of academic excellence. In 2006, more than 80% of Veritas’ 6-8th grade students scored in the top 5% on their nationally standardized tests. 87% of the 5-8th graders qualified for the prestigious John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth academic programs, reserved for the top 5% of the nations best and brightest. And while standardized tests don’t tell the whole story, the bar graph above shows how Veritas’ results compare to other schools both public and private (Association of Christian Schools International). We’re proud to show how all our grades scored on the nationally recognized SAT-10.

Veritas utilizes the Classical model of learning and is a member of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools. More information is included in this packet about the Classical method, as well as other resources for understanding this approach to education. In short, it’s a return to the method that has been successfully used for generations to teach the foundations of knowledge through grammar, logic and rhetoric. These cornerstones are the tools of learning and through them young minds are trained to think in an orderly and discerning manner and then apply that knowledge to real life. Going beyond even superior academics, a Classical Christian education encourages the shaping of godly character in children, preparing them to make wise decisions.

Veritas Academy offers a Christian education based upon the truth of God’s Word. Above all, it is our desire to see the mind of Christ formed in the life of each student. Our goal is to support the family in the task of training and educating children to a standard of excellence and godly character. We hope the enclosed materials give you insight into who and what we are, and inspire your support or lead you to consider us for a child you love. Please feel free to contact our Headmaster, Mr. Tom Hoffrage at 508-420-8145 with any questions you may have. May God guide you as you seek His direction in this vital matter for your family.