Read at least one Gospel, one Epistle and one Old Testament book each year. • Encourage students to understand verses in context, along with other good interpretation principles. • Let the Scriptures speak for themselves with clarifications and illustrations by the teacher. • Show students the richness and requirements of the Bible. • Encourage each student to come to God the Father, through Christ the Son, and grow in their knowledge and love of Him.


    Equip each student with the skills necessary for good writing, including correct spelling and grammar, pleasing style, clarity of focus, proof-reading, and self-correcting. • Put major emphasis on good writing by requiring the students to write often and correctly in each subject area. • Introduce the students to many styles of writing using the Bible and other high quality literature.


    Use phonics (the Grammar of reading) as the primary building blocks for teaching students to read. • Introduce the students to high quality children’s literature. • Carefully monitor each student’s reading abilities to ensure that he is comprehending adequately (the Logic of reading), and is reading fluently. • Foster a life-long love of reading and high quality literature, including the Scriptures (the Rhetoric of reading).

  • LATIN (Grades 3-6)

    Instruct students in the fundamental vocabulary and grammar of Latin to better their fundamental understanding of English, the history and writing of Western Civilization, and the understanding of Romance Languages. • Cultivate logical thinking which is inherent in the study of Latin.


    Ensure that the students have a thorough mastery of basic mathematical functions and tables. • Emphasize conceptual, as well as practical understanding of math through the frequent use of story problems. • Develop reasoning skills. • Encourage students to experience the rewards of perseverance.


    Teach students that God is in control of History and He will determine its ultimate outcome. • Enable students to see God’s hand in the history of the United States and the entire world. • Make history and geography “come alive” for the students using a unit approach including many forms of information and research, such as biographies, illustration, field trips, guest speakers, music, art, foods, and architecture.


    Show the students that because God made the universe, it has inherent order which in turn makes it possible to hypothesize and experiment (scientific method). Guided inquiry will reveal to the student the intrinsic laws, systems, and truths God put into creation. • Emphasize observation, not-taking, experimentation, demonstration and research as the process of using science. Facts should be attained as the result of research and discovery. • Present three major units of study per grade per year: Earth Science, Life Science and Physical Science.

  • ART

    Teach all of our students the basic fundamentals of drawing to enable them to create adequate renderings. • Encourage the students to appreciate and imitate the beauty of the creation in their own works. • Introduce the student to “master works” of western culture. • Equip the students to knowledgeably use a variety of art media.


    Teach the fundamentals of reading music and understanding rhythm patterns in vocal and instrumental musical expression. • Enrich the teaching of Scripture through the teaching of many classical hymns. • Encourage the students to select some area of music—vocal or instrumental—to pursue on their own. • Introduce students to “master works” of western culture.


    Systematically work with students to teach them basic exercises and game skills. • In cooperation with families, encourage the students to knowledgeably establish and maintain good health and nutritional habits. • Enhance Biblical patterns of behavior through activities requiring cooperation, team work and general good sportsmanship.

Curriculum Scope K-4

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Curriculum Scope 5-8

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